Sabrina is available for speaking events throughout North America and the U.K. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. Get in touch with us about upcoming presentations, speaking engagements, requests for interviews, or other projects for which Sabrina is a great fit.

Speaking Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

    Sabrina is passionate about entrepreneurship, and has been starting and running businesses since 1997. She regularly meets with and mentors entrepreneurs from around the globe every day.
    She speaks about:

    • Raising Money
    • Lean Planning and Business Management
    • Growing a startup
    • Creating Culture and Retaining Talent

  • Women and Leadership

    Sabrina talks about how to get more women into leadership roles, and how to hire more women to help make companies more successful.

    • Mothers as CEOs/Founders
    • Integrated Life
    • Women in Business

  • Succession Planning

    Sabrina took over Palo Alto Software in 2007, from her father, founder and President of Palo Alto Software, Tim Berry. Tim and sabrina managed a smooth transition, proving that family succession can be done, daughters can take over the business successfully, and the family can work together, and not just love each other, but actually like each other throughout the process.

Sabrina Speaks at TEDx